Buchanan Community Schools – Band Spotlight

Daniel Furst with his baritone/euphonium, Photo by Thomas Hoyt

Marching Band Spotlight – Daniel Furst

by Thomas & Julie Hoyt

In this and coming issues of The Buchanan Chronicle, there will be articles spotlighting some of the Buchanan High School Band students.

As my daughter Julie states, this article is about Daniel Furst who plays the baritone/euphonium with the Buchanan High School Band. Not only is this about marching band, it’s also about concert band and other cool stuff! I had the pleasure to interview Daniel and learned that what he finds most exciting about being with the band is the overall performance level is improving. Daniel is an extraordinary individual in that he suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Despite this, he does very well with the band. Daniel enjoys the concert band performances over the marching band; however, he did say that playing “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath with the marching band this year is exciting.

While Daniel was with the Middle School Band during his 8th grade year, he did participate with the MSBOA Solo and Ensemble events in both the winter and spring.  Daniel received a I and a II. At first Daniel was a bit nervous about playing a solo in front of a judge, but after doing it the first time for the fun of it he learned it’s not so bad.

Other than performing with the high school band, Daniel has participated at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp for the past two years.  This has given Daniel time to make new friends and improve his skill on the baritone/euphonium.

Currently Daniel is a sophomore in high school, so he has more time to perform with the high school band which I’m sure he looks forward to in the coming years.

Stay tuned for future articles on our band students.

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