The Clark Barker – Issue 12

What Do Pets Do When Kids Go Back To School?

School has been in session I believe for about a month, I am not sure as I cannot read a calendar. However, it almost feels like a really long time from when my young human leaves early in the dark morning and comes back home when it’s lighter outside! I can tell that the noise in the house has been reduced, which helps me to take longer uninterrupted naps. But then the noise returns in the afternoon when they come home! I get so excited that I jump up and down and try to talk to them as they come into the house and then they take me outside, yay!

While Mommy and Daddy work from home, I like to look out of the window of the office where Daddy is working and yes, I do bark loudly when I see the neighbor’s cat, a squirrel or someone walking by. Sometimes Daddy doesn’t appreciate my bark when he’s on a call. I can’t help it, he opened the blinds and there is a chair for me to sit on and look out that window! But I heard him tell Mom one day that oh so and so on the phone has a doggie that does the same thing.

I do share the rest of the house with a cat. She keeps to herself and likes to sleep on our young human’s bed during the day. But during the day, she will come out of the bedroom and start meowing. The cat likes someone to be next to her when she eats her food, I kinda am like that too. Every now and then, the cat likes to run in the house for no reason. I only run when I see that squirrel or bunny and also when someone comes home and I am waiting for them at the door. “Hello, where have you been? What took you so long? Take me outside!” Woof – Woof!

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