Seasonal Sentiments – What Fall Means To Me

by Garrick Stubblefield

Well let’s say it in straight terms that it’s our third season of four, and as for us Michigan people, we only have one more season before it gets extremely cold on us.

Okay so to tell you there are many things that I love about the fall season. When I see most of the corn get cut here in Michigan, I know we are hitting fall weather. We start to feel the hot days turn into cold days. I see the last days of grapes being picked whether it be for juice or wine.

About the end of September we tend to see a wide range of color change of the leaves and start to fall to the ground. You most definitely can’t forget the huge variety of apples to pick, so eventually you make apple pies, turnovers, strudels and much more. So of course I save the best for last and that is going to an orchard and finding the best pumpkin for Halloween.

Well that is it for the season for fall, and I will catch you in December for the winter season.

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