Buchanan Sports – Upcoming Football Picks

by Garrick Stubblefield

Hello all you Buchanan Sports Fans!

Just to let you know that from here and beyond I will try to cover every sport that I can that might keep you interested in reading this every time the chronicle comes out. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do by giving you the writeup. As I have more time I will be adding in our local Buchanan sports to my list.


Even though this is one of my sports that I partake in there was not much to enjoy this past week. I did see a little bit of the Ryder Cup and saw the “USA team “win it. That there just showed me nothing but a bunch of men showing what they got and which country can have bragging rights for a year until they play again the following year.

College Football

In this part of my write up I will only be covering the following teams Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan St., and Ohio St… just a reminder when reading these writeups that it’s my opinion of what I write.

Notre Dame

Sorry to say this team is not on my high list of writing for them but I realize that this is Irish grounds but I will give you my recap of what they’ve done. Well, this week they went to Chicago and played on neutral ground against Wisconsin. When I heard that ND’s quarterback was injured, we may be in just a little trouble. Needless to say, our backup came in and helped the team out when needed along with the offense. Hey, you can’t leave the defense out because they stopped Wisconsin in many ways and to cap it off having two interceptions that lead to touchdowns, that’s what seals a win for the Irish.


Michigan went away to go and play the Rutgers. This game was a battle. Even though Michigan is undefeated I don’t really see much of them being a team yet. This is a year of whether Jim Harbough knows how to be a coach or truly Michigan knows how to win as a team on offense or defense. Well, both showed that against the Rutgers and that is why they are still unbeaten.

Michigan State

The Spartans have been doing fairly well so far this season. Nebraska came in town to see if they could give the Spartans a run for their money. Well they just happened to do that but in the end the Spartans had enough gas to get past them with a field goal and won.

Ohio State

Well, I can say that they do still have a team especially rolling over Akron this past week. I guess you really don’t need Justin Fields. If we see them this well we may see them going to a bowl game this year.

Hockey and Basketball

Well, I will be covering these two sports more but they both are starting their spring training like baseball if you want to call it that way. The two hockey teams that I will be covering are Chicago and Detroit. In basketball there will be three I will cover and they are as follows in being Detroit, Chicago, and Indianapolis. Good to these two sports.


This is one of my most favorite sports to cover but so boring to watch. In my personal view the only two positions that excite me are the pitcher and batter. You may ask me why well, as far as the pitcher, he has many ways to get a batter out which is the job for him to do and hopefully win the game by doing that. But look at the batter he also has different ways of beating the pitcher. So, I feel that it’s like a cat and mouse game between the two of them and see who can outwit the other. Anyway, I will be covering both Chicago and Detroit along with a bonus of the South Bend Cubs. Even if the teams don’t make it I will continue with the rest of the season with playoffs and championship games.

Pro Football

This sport is the best of the best seeing them playing for a win or sometimes a tie. I always wanted to play someday but just didn’t have enough courage to pursue it. This is a sport that you take a beating in but that is all part of the game. Well, again I’ve said in the past that I will be covering the following teams: Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis. Yes, those are also going to be ones I cover for pro football. Let’s dig in and get things started.

Chicago Bears

Well guys with the return of Justin Fields we may have had a chance of going back to being .500 but it wasn’t his day to shine. The Browns just dominated the whole game and showed who was boss. I feel the Bears do need some work all around but in the long run they will find themselves getting better over time.

Detroit Lions

I understand they are winless but, is this because we don’t have Prater to kick extra points or game winning field goals. Wait, I know what it is, we don’t have the “quarterback” Matthew Stafford. Yes, the Lions lost yet another game but it’s early in the season and the Lions have time to turn the game around.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts just can’t get any breaks of late. The latest came from Tennessee. They may be winless but the team has potential of winning. Well, all I can say to you Colt fans is better luck next time.

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