City Commission Special Meeting Agenda • September 20 2021

Write-Up by Editor Rebecka Hoyt, Agenda by City Clerk Barbara A. Pitcher

Please note that only the City Commission Meeting Agenda is posted below. At the end of the agenda, click on the link to take you to more detailed minutes of the meeting. Also, the meeting minutes will not be published in each issue of The Buchanan Chronicle (probably once a month) due to rules that minutes are approved at the next City Commission meeting.

The Buchanan City Commission met for their Monday meeting September 20th 2021 at 7:00 pm, in person, Buchanan City Hall Chamber, 302 N Redbud Trail, Buchanan, MI 49107.

Begin Agenda:

MONDAY, September 20, 2021 – 7:00 PM

I. Call to Order

Call to Order by Mayor Pro Tem Mark Weedon.

II. Roll Call

PRESENT: Mayor Pro Tem Mark Weedon, Commissioner Cameron Downey, Commissioner Larry Money, Commissioner Patrick Swem
ABSENT: Mayor Sean Denison
STAFF: City Manager Heather Grace, City Clerk Barbara Pitcher, Director of Public Services Mike Baker
GUESTS: Jason Washerman, Dan Vigansky

III. Public Comment – Agenda Items Only (3-minute limit)

Dan Vigansky – Asked several questions about grants

IV. Business – (can be approved all in one motion, for general housekeeping items)

  1. USDA Loan Applications for Water & Sewer
    • Jason Washler from Prein & Newhoff to present.
    • Washler provided a summary of the presentation made at the September 13, 2021, City Commission meeting and announced the City had been offered the poverty rate for both loans, which is the best option for these projects. Everyone is looking for grants. There may be Federal infrastructure grants in the future, but those are unknown at this time and will be very competitive. We will have 15-8 months to close on the loan. If better rates or grant opportunities arise, we can take advantage of them. The project can be shrunk, but it is difficult to add to the project, so determining the scope is important. Since Third Street is currently being completed, perhaps other work could be added to the project scope in its place.
    • Discussion regarding water-sewer rates. Water and sewer debt is retiring in 2029 and 2030 which can dampen the effect on user rates and septage receiving can also help to offset rates. Grace mentioned the potential for a $300,000 MDOT grant and a lead remediation grant.
    • Motion made by Commissioner Swem, Seconded by Commissioner Downey to approve the City of Buchanan moving forward to obligate the USDA loan applications for water and wastewater presented this evening and authorize the City Manager and Mayor to sign any documents necessary to execute said obligation. Roll call vote carried unanimously.
    • Grace indicated Mayor Sean Dension requested his absence be excused due to illness. Hearing no objections from the Commission, Mayor Pro Tem Weedon declared Mayor Sean Denison’s absence excused.

V. Public Comment – Non-Agenda Items Only (3-minute limit)

Dan Vigansky – Spoke again regarding contracting a grant writer and requested it be on the next City Commission agenda.

VI. Adjourn

Being no further business, motion made by Commissioner Downey, seconded by Commissioner Money to adjourn the meeting at 7:26 p.m. Roll call vote carried unanimously.

You may view the completed September 20, 2021 City Commissioner Special Meeting Minutes on the City of Buchanan Website.

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