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Face Masks

Submitted with permission from Don Ryman by Stephanie Fain

Attached is a copy of my comments to the Buchanan District School Board Monday, September 20, 2021.

“The emperor has no clothes! The emperor has no clothes!

The mandated masks do absolutely nothing to protect the children who are mandated to wear them. Only N-95 Masks would come close to giving protection from Covid 19.

We might even go along with this to humor our Acting County Health Officer, except the masks do a lot of physical and psychological damage to our children. The Buchanan School District will be liable in money damages for this. As taxpayers in the Buchanan School District we will be obligated to pay these damages.

In 1951 I graduated from Harvard Law School in the top quarter of my class. In the same year I was admitted to the bar. Over the years since 1951 have defended my clients against many irrational bureaucratic mandates. It can be done.

The Buchanan School District cannot afford to go along with this irrational mandate, which the Michigan Legislature regrettably empowered the Acting Health Officer to enact.

The Buchanan School District should consult its legal counsel about means to avoid this totally irrational mandate.

Meantime the South County Republican Club is circulating petitions to initiate Michigan legislation to limit the effective period of mandates by County Health Officers to 28 days. We have the petitions with us tonight for you to sign.”

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