Now That’s Funny! – Issue 13

by Thomas Hoyt

Here’s another story about my grandfather, Chet. Now I’m not 100% clear on the family relationship between Grandpa Chet and the other family member. It could’ve been a cousin, I think. Anyway, this other family member had a good number of chickens that were stolen from him. Honestly, who steals chickens?

Well, Grandpa Chet had collected a shoebox full of chicken bones over a period, don’t ask me why. 🤣 So, good ole Grandpa Chet decided to wrap up this shoebox full of chicken bones and prepare it for mailing. He had to go to Kokomo, IN, for some reason, so he mailed that box from there to the family member whose chickens were stolen with a note in the box saying, “Thanks, they were delicious!” Naturally the one whose chickens were stolen was angry upon receiving this, but when he found out it came from Grandpa Chet, he couldn’t help but laugh! 🤣🤣

Keep laughing folks! 😊

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