BCS School Spotlight – BHS October 2021

Buchanan High School

Buchanan High School Seniors’ 100-Word Memoirs

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor, with Student Writings submitted by Ms. Erica Neal, BHS English Teacher

Throughout this school year, we are partnering with Buchanan High School, Ms. Erica Neal’s Senior English class. A few students will be submitting some of their writings. For this issue, they have written 100-word memoirs. There sure is great writing here, enjoy!

Two Clouds Part in the Sky

By Ian Proud

I scratch one shoe against my leg, careful not to cut skin with its spikes. My jacket shifts against the wind. My nose burns a little, and my stomach is inside out. No matter what I do, I can’t keep still. “You ready?”

I try to steady myself. No avail. I can feel my legs tense a bit beneath my palms, preparing for the next event. “I dunno. I…” My eyes flick upward. Two clouds part in the sky. I squint a little and adjust my arms to take in the warmth. My feet drift away from me.

“I’m ready.”

Driving with my Sister

By Joy Kaltenbach 

Driving with my sister, a warm radiance washes over me as we turn onto a road flooded with amber, rosy light. Rolling down the windows to steal a few more breaths of balmy evening air, I think about the summer and how the days slipped by like little, pink pearls on a broken necklace. As my sister begins to play a song familiar only to our fondest summer memories, the road ahead becomes blurred and my cheeks damp, for I know in two days she will drive away to college as I stay parked at home for one more year.

Odd Among the Ensemble

By Dany Gomez-Miller

A burst of brightness blinds my left eye. I wince while it illuminates every crevice that frames my milky white shirt, and folds into my lap, hiding behind the shadow of my grand cello. I nuzzle the smooth yellow grain against my shoulder, trying hard to hide any evidence of apprehension. Submerging myself in an ocean of light, I recall those who held cellos with me. And though I’m the last cello on stage, those in my orchestra fill me with pride. Carefully, I breathe deeply, filling my lungs with the shared air of my ensemble, and pull my bow.

Assignments for Senior English

Ms. Erica Neal, BHS English Teacher


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