Buchanan Sports – Homecoming with Olympian Hannah Roberts

Hannah at Buchanan Homecoming 2021, Photo from The Herd Facebook

Hannah Roberts Brings Home Silver Medal

by Garrick Stubblefield

On October 8th, 2021 I had the pleasure to interview Hannah Roberts, our hometown hero Olympian. Wow! Did I just say our hometown Olympian? Well, yes, I did. So first off it was so thrilling to interview Hannah because it was my first official interview with someone from our local community and on top of it an Olympian. Let’s get going on this.

Hannah is 20 years old, and of course you know by now she is from Buchanan. Now she resides and trains mainly in the Jacksonville North Carolina area, with her wife Kelsey, who presently serves our country in the United States Marine Corp.

A little overview of Hannah’s life, Hannah grew up with her 3 sisters and she would often partake in team sporting events. Hannah thought perhaps playing in team sports wouldn’t be the best way to shine like a superstar herself, so she thought of doing something solo. Well, that dream certainly came true. Her and her dad were watching The X Games once and at the age of 8 she turned to her dad and said that is what I want to do – BMX Freestyle.

In the years since then she has accumulated many accomplishments. Starting with the highest to the lowest (as Hannah put it):

  • 1 Olympic Silver Medal from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics at 19 yrs old
  • 3 World Championships: 2017, 2019, 2021
  • 1 National Title: 2019
  • 1 Continental Championship: 2019

When I interviewed Hannah I asked her which is her proudest accomplishment in her career thus far. She responded very simply – her Olympic silver medal. She said only her family and close supporters knew what really happened at the Olympics. Through the COVID chaos, the Olympic committee saying the games are canceled, and then that they are going to run it. Then on top of all her extensive training had broken her ankle in trial runs, but with her perseverance and determination she made it all the way to give us a silver medal. While Hannah was there she met a friend named Natalya and she wanted to give a big shout out to her by saying thanks for the friendship and support when she broke her ankle.

Hannah has had so much support from Kelsey, family, friends, and the Buchanan community; she would like to reach out and say THANK YOU FOR THE MORAL SUPPORT. In conclusion of this interview Hannah said she wants to be in at least 2 more Olympic Games and many more BMX Freestyle Title events. She also had mentioned that if her career should ever come to a halt she would love to coach in the beloved sport she found as a career.

In closing Hannah, from myself and all of your community moral support: GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE CAREER AND ADVENTURES!

If you are a kid or adult, you can email her at: hannah.roberts9897@gmail.com or hannahrobertsbmx@gmail.com.

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