Now That’s Funny! – Issue 14

by Thomas Hoyt

So not too long ago, my family and I went to Nola Roux in St. Joseph, MI, to grab some Cajun dinner to go and took it to Rocky Gap Park to eat.  We had a very nice view of Lake Michigan as we ate. After we finished eating, we got out and walked down to the beach. While on the beach, my wife found some pretty-looking stones and started putting them in her purse. Now, historically when my wife asks me to go get her purse, as soon as I lift it up, I notice how heavy it is and ask, “What do you have in here, rocks?” After seeing her put those stones in her purse, I now know the answer to that question. 🤣🤣

After we left the park, we stopped at Dairy Queen for a treat.  As we sat in the drive-thru line, we noticed a good gap between a couple of cars in front of us.  Without missing a beat, my daughter says, “Geeez people, you don’t have to social distance your cars!” 🤣

Keep laughing folks! 😊

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