Sports Highlights – Buchanan and Beyond

by Garrick Stubblefield

Hello all you Buchanan Sports Fans!

Just to let you know that from here and beyond I will try to cover every sport that I can that might keep you interested in reading this every time The Buchanan Chronicle comes out. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do by giving you the writeup. As I have more time I will be adding in our local Buchanan sports to my list.

Hannah Roberts

I have written a full article about her in the sports section. (Read it HERE)


All of the famous golfers are taking a nap right now. HAHA. No really they are taking a little bit of time off and analyzing what tournaments that they will be in for the upcoming year. You have to remember that they start in the fall and end in the middle of summer. I believe that a pro-golfer has to commit to 2 dozen tournaments in order to keep their eligibility on the tour. Some of the tournaments are invite only or you need to be defending champion. Also you have to remember that the earnings that you make are determined if you go to the next golf tournament unless an endorser pays your way. These tournaments are not cheap either.

Buchanan Bucks – Football

Well I can’t say too much about them because I haven’t had a chance to see them in action.  But, October 8th I did get a chance to see them play for their homecoming and needless to say is they took it to overtime and eventually lost it.

College Football


I’m beginning to see that this team has a possible chance to make it to a playoff berth. Jim Harbough is doing a great coaching job and keeping the boys as a team. The last two weeks they managed to get by Nebraska and Rutgers. So keep those fingers crossed wolverine fans you could be in the playoffs soon.

Michigan St.

I think the Spartans are trying to duplicate the same as Michigan and that is to make it to a playoff game. They are still unbeatable but time will tell whether or not they make it all the way undefeated. The last two weeks were good enough wins over Nebraska and W. Kentucky. Just remember Spartan fans you still have to face Michigan to possibly stay undefeated.

Ohio St.

Hey you Buckeye fans it looks like you are still hanging in there to get a playoff spot. Well you are definitely showing that you don’t need Justin Fields as your quarterback and rack up the impressive wins along with just one loss. Like I said to my Spartan fans, it’s not over for you until you meet Michigan in the final game of the year.

Notre Dame

I just don’t know where to give the credit for this team. Is it the coaching staff, players, fan support or what? But the Irish are making a name for themselves to be a contender for a playoff spot. I think they have some potential to be in a good Bowl game as long as they don’t lose any more games. This group of boys needs at least one more season of working together to be Championship bound, and of all people Brian Kelly can get that done.


South Bend Cubs

So it looks like our South Bend Cubs couldn’t bring home a title this year. We just need to be ready next year and show what we got. See you next year, South Bend Cubs.

Chicago Cubs

This team started going downhill when they released all their big players. After the All-Star game, the Cubs didn’t have a chance to make it to the post-season.  If you remember that when Mr. Epstein was in control of who his team was, he didn’t get a championship through high-dollar players. Mr. Epstein took a bunch of boys at their early career and built them into a team that eventually won a Championship in 2016 and I again say Mr. Epstein used a lot of money to get them there. So let’s hibernate this season and see what we get next season.

Chicago White Sox

I really didn’t see the Sox making it into the postseason but they did. Their series with the Astros goes to show you why I said I didn’t think they had a chance at the post season. My feeling for next year is they need to invest in everything that is starting with the coaching staff all the way to the one that can pitch you to a win or a batter that can give that one extra run to win the ball game. Sox fans go hang up your cleats for the season and we will see you next year.


As of the time of me typing this in the American League you have Boston and Houston. Personally this is a no brainer of who this series should belong to but don’t speak too loud because Boston has been a good underdog throughout the whole playoffs thus far. Over in the National League you have the Brewers and Braves with the Braves moving on to the NLCS and are waiting on the winner between Dodgers and Giants. Right now they are tied up 2 games apiece and the winner of the next game will play the Braves.

Basketball & Hockey

Not much to report due to the fact they just finished the preseason therefore in the next issue I will have some news on all the teams. So stay tuned in for next issue and I will have some blog for you to read.


Chicago Bears

Bear fans, you are impressing me in that you’re getting those wins when they really count because the team is staying despite the injuries. Just remember we are in week 5 and we go to week 17 and that there Bear fans are a long way away from now. Keep chin up and head high and route for the Bears all the way to the playoffs.  GOOOD  LUUUCK !

Detroit Lions

Lions Fans, I’m sorry to say but there is nothing much to say about the team, other than your winless. It personally looks like you gave away an excellent quarterback but he had no offense. You gave a excellent kicker to put an extra point or three points after a field goal away. So to sum it up, maybe look for a new coach or possibly new players to turn this team around.

Indianapolis Colts

Yes, I see the Colts are not starting off quite as well as I thought they would. We are in week 5 and have plenty of time to turn ourselves around and show we have playoffs on our minds. So let’s take a breath and take each game slow and make the right calls and don’t stack up penalties to where it will cost us the game. GOO COOOLTS!

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