The Clark Barker – Trick-or-Treat Tips

Some Halloween Trick-or-Treating Tips

Since Halloween is before our next issue in November, I thought I would do another short one on Halloween Trick-or-Treating tips for you humans. Trick-or-Treating is from 6:00 – 7:30pm Sunday, October 31.

  1. Use glow sticks, clothing reflectors and flashlights while walking on sidewalks/crossing streets/and going into driveways/yards. 
  2. Only cross at an intersection and not in between parked cars as other drivers may not see you very well.
  3. Be in groups and have adults present.
  4. Only go to the houses that have lights on.
  5. Be kind to others and remember to say “Trick-or-Treat” and “Thank you” to the humans that are handing out candy to you.
  6. Remember to drive slow during this time.
  7. Do not share your candy with your pets.
  8. Make sure that your parents also check out your candy to be sure it is safe.
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