The Clark Barker – Issue 14

Kids Being Kids

The other day, my Editor and Publisher were driving down one of Buchanan’s main roads as the hydrants were in the process of being flushed. As they came up to an intersection, they noticed a few kids and thought the kids were going to cross the road, but they didn’t, they stopped at the corner.

Then, they noticed one of the young kids with a makeshift fishing pole and it looked like maybe a magnet was attached to the end of the string. As the car slowed down they saw the kids set up to try to “fish” for something in the stream of water that was coming down the slope with them and pooling at the corner, which was their destination.

Needless to say, these ladies got a good laugh out of the sight, as they thought it was sooo cute! Good job kids for carefully staying on the sidewalk, and for bringing back some great childhood memories.

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