Homeschooling Spotlight – Current Learning

Homeschooling activities, Photo submitted by Ashley Hanson

Homeschooling Learning Spotlight

by Editor Rebecka Hoyt with Photos submitted by Ashley Hanson

Been learning about the many health benefits of different teas. We have here raspberry leaves, lemon verbena, lemon balm, various mints, goji berries, bee pollen…and not shown the honey….With a side of pistachio baklava.

  1. Dried marigolds…collecting seeds for next year
  2. Fresh marigolds…going to make a fabric dye and make an alter to celebrate our loved ones for Dia de los Mortes
  3. Osage orange…or if you grew up in Buchanan and learned about this at the school farm…you probably call it monkey brains…aka road apple, hedge apple.  We are going to cut it open and investigate.  These are a prehistoric fruit…think woolly mammoths and giant sloths eating these eons ago. 
  4. Black walnuts…ready to be cracked and baked in a yummy goodness (TBD) and use the shells to dye more fabrics. Note there is a toxin in the outer shells (juggalome sp*) so be careful when cracking them to ensure you remove all the shells…this is part of the reason walnuts are so expensive…usually need to be hand cracked to assure quality. 
  5. Milkweed seed pod…going to make a pollinators paradise in our front yard…as well as at Kathryn park next summer. Milkweed seeds need the cold snap of winter to make seeds germinate in the spring…so we will be planting these now for next year.  Same as the garlic(not pictured) that we will also be planting now for a midsummer harvest next year.
  6. Dried oregano…bagging it up to use all winter.
  7. Dried lavender…bagging it up as well…makes a nice relaxing tea.
Homeschooling activities, Photo submitted by Ashley Hanson

This is how WE learn.  We go out and explore the world around us…have questions, make assumptions, experiment, research…ask more questions…experiment more…and head back for more research. 

Just in the plants we have gathered…the lessons are immense and honestly could be endless…

What will you DECIDE to learn today…learning cannot be forced.

Homeschooling activities, Photo submitted by Ashley Hanson

* The above discussed is independent homeschooling and is not associated with Buchanan Community Schools.

If there are other homeschoolers in Buchanan, please send a message through our Facebook page or an email to The Buchanan Chronicle as we would like to include you in our schools rotation!

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