Board of Education Meeting Agenda • October 18 2021

Agenda from Buchanan Community Schools Board of Education

Please note that the Board of Education Meeting Agenda is posted below. At the end of the agenda, click on the link to take you to more detailed minutes of the meeting. Also, the meeting minutes will not be published in each issue of The Buchanan Chronicle, but instead as they are available.

Begin Agenda:

A. Opening of Meeting by President

Description:  We welcome you to a meeting of the Buchanan Community Schools Board of Education. 

All regular meetings have been posted on our district website, in our central office, and in each district school building. Tonight’s agenda has been posted on our website and emailed out to the BCS Board of Education Community Subscription. Our school board members receive the agenda and all supporting documents for reports and action items several days prior to this scheduled meeting, so they can review information, prepare questions or comments, and are ready to participate fully in the discussions and votes that encompass the duties of their office. 

This meeting is a meeting of the Board of Education in public for the purpose of conducting the school district’s business and is not to be considered a public community meeting. 

There is a time for regular public participation during the meeting as indicated in agenda item H. If you wish to make a presentation to the Board, please fill out the Speaker Card and pass it to the Board President before item H on the agenda. 

Thank you for your support of Buchanan Community Schools!

B. Roll Call

C. Adoption of Agenda

D. Recognition of Visitors (All visitors, please sign the sign-in sheet.)

E. Presentations

E.I. First Quarter Budget Amendment 10-18-2021 – Mr. Brian Brown & Mrs. Carrie Brunsting

E.II. Audit Presentation – Ms. Cindy Scott, Stephenson & Company, P.C.

E.III. School Highlight – Mr. Mark Frey, BVA/Step Up Director, Athletic Coordinator

E.IV. Executive Team Updates

  • Phil Place, Director of Technology
  • Al Berget, Director of Operations
  • Carrie Brunsting, Business Office Specialist
  • Mark Kurland, Assistant Superintendent
  • Patricia Robinon, Superintendent

F. Superintendent/Department Reports

F.I. Buck Staff Appreciation October Winner:

  • Abby Cantu, Buchanan High School Administrative Assistant

F.II. Buck Staff Appreciation October Nominees:

  • Amanda Horton, BCS Food Service
  • Becky Kaltenbach, BCS Food Service Supervisor
  • BJ Scott, Ottawa Lunch Aide
  • Cindy Hess, BHS Teacher
  • Cindy Stacy, Ottawa 1st Grade Teacher
  • Dawn Van Dyke, Ottawa Special Education Teacher
  • Donna Southwell, BHS Interventionist
  • Jaime Warmbein, BHS Teacher
  • Jane Phillips, BCS Bus Driver
  • Joe Kemp, BCS Computer Technician
  • Kathy Lolmaugh, Moccasin Administrative Assistant
  • Kris Rettig, Moccasin 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Larry Kline, BCS Operations Utility Staff
  • Margaret Cowles, BCS Food Service
  • Marion Hurd, Ottawa Administrative Assistant
  • Melissa Frost, BHS Teacher
  • Melissa Seddon, Ottawa Kindergarten Teacher
  • Melissa Sweeney, BCS Food Service
  • Dr. Michael Dunn, Moccasin Principal
  • Michelle Munyon, BCS Administrative Assistant
  • Patricia Robinson, BCS Superintendent
  • Russ Philip, BCS Teacher
  • Ryan Frontczak, BMS Dean of Students
  • Stacey Lee, BMS Special Education Teacher

F.III. Board Updates:

  • BHS, BMS, Moccasin, Ottawa, Athletics/BVA/CTE, Business Office, Operations, Food Service, Information Technology, Transportation, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent

G. Information/Reports & New Business

G.I. Human Resources Committee – October 6th Meeting

G.II. Finance Committee – October 11th Meeting

G.III. Curriculum & Programming Committee – October 12th Meeting

G.IV. Pledge of Allegiance Discussion

H. Community Dialogue/Citizens’ Concerns

I. Adoption of Consent Agenda Items

J. Recommended Action – Other

J.I. NEOLA First Reading

J.II. NEOLA Second Reading

J.III. 2021-22 Administrative Contract Amendment

J.IV. 2021-22 BCS Return to Learn Plan Amendment

J.V. 2021-22 Budget Amendment

J.VI. Food Service Salary Schedule

K. Questions & Comments From Board Members

L. Next Board Meeting:

  1. Monday, November 15th at 6pm

M. Adjournment:

You may view the completed October 18, 2021 Board of Education Meeting Minutes on the Buchanan Community Schools website here.

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