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Cooking with Juice Plus products, Photo by TraciLee Smith

Juice Plus

Submitted by TraciLee Smith

Who sees a Rainbow 🌈 in the sky with all the BeaUty and all the colors and realize that our very plates at every meal should look like a rainbow? Do you eat a rainbow every day for every meal? Lots of laughter on that as very few of us do! And we rarely get all the servings in each day of the total variety in the cup size that we need! God put powerful nutrition in every color represented in our fruits and vegetables!! 

Our bodies were uniquely  created to feed and be nourished by whole fruits and vegetables to grow properly, age well and FIGHT disease and sickness! Without enough of them our body is malnourished. We age poorly with less vitality and are sick more often!

Children need to eat 5 to 9 servings of the “rainbow”each day. Adults need 9-13 and athletes need up to 16. We try to do our best but it can be difficult. Juicing is expensive, messy, time consuming and tricky to get ALL you need by that and the amount you need! 

Finding Juice Plus which is Whole Food Whole Fruits and Veggies concentrated, cold pressed into capsules or gummies and plant protein shake, using the skin, leaves and seeds NOT leaving out any possible nutrient God put into them! There are no fillers, NO artificial ingredients of any kind and NO table sugar! This is an easy way to help get the needed fruit and vegetable servings of the Rainbow. It bridges the gap between what you do eat and what you don’t get everyday! And it only takes a few seconds to consume! And has 44 collegiate medical clinical studies behind it starting with Yale, Harvard, Cornell Medical University, The Texas Cancer Research Center out of Anderson, Texas as well 40 other top notch medical centers around the world! It is the most researched company in the world! 

Using Juice Plus I lost weight, long term brain medication, antibiotic use, hospital and doctors visits AND I don’t want any of those back in my life! My husband was told heart meds, but got on Juice Plus and he’s Heart Med Free!! God brought this to us along with their Year Round Tower Garden growing system to eat fresh daily ALL year round not worrying about “poopie on the plate” in my veggies or pesticides invading my body! It lives indoors or outdoors giving life all year round! 

Juice Plus is simply good for the body and will help get the nutrition every person needs with the products and the Tower Garden! It’s simple and can be FUN and Yumellucious! Cooking with cold pressed spices such as Watkins Spices are best for your health. Adding Watkins Turmeric, Whole Garlic Pepper Blend, Cayenne, Ginger and Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Whole Lemon & Pepper Blend, Garlic Powder and Onion Powder and coarse sea salt grinder should be an everyday use with food. 

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Connect with me for help on both. I can help you be and eat healthier. Ask about our Free Children’s Program!!! 🙌🥬 

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