Mayor’s Memo – Good News

Buchanan Good News

by Mayor Sean Denison

There are so many good things happening in Buchanan right now it’s hard to list all of them, but I wanted to update the readers on just a few highlights:

  • The new wastewater treatment facility is nearing completion and will soon be coming online.
  • This year we have seen 5 new homes being built in the city limits.  This after not having any housing starts in over 2 years in Buchanan, and is a strong economic indicator of good things to come!
  • City Hall is full of bright new talent.  From the City Manager to the new Chamber of Commerce Director/Main Street Manager.
  • New computers and new software have replaced outdated equipment at City Hall, making things easier for city staff and residents alike.
  • The new DPW building project is making great progress and its footprint will soon be unveiled.
  • The Buchanan Area Recreation Board has combined their efforts with 2 new Buchanan Township members in an effort to make a lasting impact on all of our local parks.

This is a very small list, and there is so much more to be proud of.  Thank you to all the City Staff, DPW workers and volunteer organizations that continue to work hard to make Life Better Here!

Thank you, see you around town,
Sean Denison, Mayor
Buchanan City Hall
302 N Redbud Trail
Buchanan, MI 49107
Mayor Sean Denison, Spring 2021, Photo submitted by Sean Denison
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