Past Event – Buchanan Tree Planting

Tree Planting Community, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Buchanan Tree Planters Making a Difference While Setting a Record!

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

Buchanan Tree Friends hosted the “ReLeaf Michigan” Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 8:45am – 1pm. A record breaking, statewide of 150 volunteers from an infant being carried on its parents’ backs to kids and adults of all ages showed up to plant 50 trees in Buchanan, MI! A chilly morning was cured by some donuts and coffee before the volunteers were sent on their way to plant the many varieties of trees.

How to plant a tree was shown and explained to the crowd outside at the entrance of Buchanan City Hall. If you want to plant a tree, heed this good advice from Marvin Pettway, “Plant it too low, and it will not grow. Plant it too high, and it will not die! When trees die quickly, they are not watered properly.”

“ReLeaf Michigan, a non-profit tree organization, is partnering with the city of Buchanan, Buchanan Tree Friends, Davey Resource Group, St. Joseph RIver Basin Commission, Indiana DNR and Michigan DNR Urban and Community Forestry Program to increase Buchanan’s overall tree canopy and provide environmental, health, economic and aesthetic benefits,” (ReLeaf Michigan Volunteers Needed for Tree Planting event flyer, 2021).

“Thank you to the DPW guys drilling with the auger, I’m excited for the trees but I am more excited to see all of you. Everytime we need something the people step up and it makes me proud to be a part of this community. So thank you to everybody,” Mayor Sean Denison expressed to the volunteers.

Richard Martin of Buchanan Tree Friends stated, “We’re doing this because trees have so many benefits to making Buchanan a more beautiful place we’re combating climate change. And thank you to everybody.”

Mayor Denison waters a planted tree, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

As I was starting to write this article, the oldies were on my radio, and Jackie DeShannon’s “Put a LIttle Love in Your Heart” ©1969 song came on. Her song goes great along with this event. Here are a few of the lyrics: “And the world will be a better place for you, and me, you just wait and see. I hope when you decide, kindness will be your guide. Put a little love in your heart. And the world will be a better place, for you, and me, you just wait and see.” ©1969 You can listen to it here on YouTube.

Due to the outstanding amount of volunteers, it did not take long to plant the trees. My crew consisted of my family and our daughter’s friend as we joined Buchanan Community Schools Superintendent Patricia Robinson and her son in the middle of the front yard at Buchanan Middle School. We all enjoyed getting to know each other and had fun planting this River Birch tree (even though our shoes got covered in clay).

So, what kind of trees were planted? They ranged from: Tulips, Blackgum, GLL Linden, Hackberry, Birch, Redmond Lindens, Lilac, Oaks, Planetrees, Ginkgo, and Serviceberry. You will find 30 new trees in front of Buchanan Middle School and along their sidewalks on 4th Street. There are 7 trees on East 3rd St. by City Hall and east of Redbud Fitness lining the street. Then 13 more trees on both sides of River St. between Michigan and Fulton Streets.

Go ahead and drive around town to see all of these trees that 150 proud Buchanan volunteers planted in the “Nicest Place in America”! Enjoy the photos.

(This is a hashtag that the City of Buchanan used on one of their Facebook posts of the tree planting event: #smalltownwiththebigheart)

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