Past Event – HCU & Chippewa Project

Honor Credit Union Sponsors Chippewa Project at the NODE

Submitted and written-up by Karol Behrle, HCU Community Assistant Vice President, and Rebecka Hoyt, The Buchanan Chronicle Editor & Photographer

On a Thursday evening of October 21, 2021 Honor Credit Union decided to make a big splash in Niles at one of their “Third Thursdays”. The band to perform: CHIPPEWA PROJECT! This concert was to be outside at the NODE (Niles Outdoor Dining Experience) on the corner of 2nd and Main Streets – kiddy corner from the Nuggett Bar & Grille. However, with the never-ending rain, Karol Behrle, Honor Credit Union Community Assistant Vice President, contacted Niles City officials to see where the band could play, as the show must go on! Low and behold, just a block-and-a-half-away, they found themselves inside Front Street Pizza Pub on 510 N. Front Street in Niles.

The Chippewa Project performing at NODE, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

As many people know, the band is from Buchanan. Michael Rowland – CEO of Michigan Gateway Community Foundation is in the band as well as another well-known person from Buchanan, Richard Martin. Despite it being a rainy and cold evening, a good crowd filled up the pizza pub as the music uplifted them while enjoying their tasty entrees, snacks, beverages, friendships and community.

Honor Credit Union representatives handed out swag for a couple of hours. They also partnered with two restaurants/Honor businesses in downtown Niles.

About Honor Credit Union: Honor Credit Union is proud to serve more than 91,000 members across the state of Michigan. Providing solutions for financial success and giving back to the communities it serves remains the driving forces behind Honor Credit Union.

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