National Fast Food Day – November 16

My Favorite National Fast Food Joint

by Garrick Stubblefield

My goodness people there are so many good places to call a good fast food joint. I will tease you with one that I really liked back as a kid and had to sadly find another one and another. I tell you sadly to say it just got my true attention as it did when I was younger plus I was always from one side of the states to the other side of states meaning coast to coast. The one that really interested me the most was a hamburger place that grew up here in Benton Harbor. This fast food joint was doing so well at the time it was going to go nationwide as far as the states are concerned. This place had a better reputation then our very own McDonalds. The sad thing is about this fast food place only 2 were built and the brothers never thought it would work. Those 2 fast food places are still serving and will be mine for a good deal of my life, this fast food place is “HENRY’S HAMBURGERS”. So if you think I’m pulling your leg ask if it’s true they were going to be better than McDonalds.

Answer to Puzzle 4 from this Issue’s Puzzler Page:



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