Past Event – Trek-or-Treat 2021

Trek-or-Treat 2021 Flyer from Facebook

1,872 Trek-or-Treat Attendees on McCoy Creek Trail

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

Halloween weekend 2021 was in full-force in Buchanan, MI. This was probably one the biggest turnouts that the Friends of McCoy Creek Trail Committee had! On Saturday, October 30, a very long line of 1,020 kids and 852 adults all dressed up in costumes ranging from Minecraft, witches, Sesame Street, home-made costumes, a rainbow, a “deranged Easter Bunny,” Star Wars, police officers, fire fighters, etc… 

Local businesses/organizations handed out candy to the small and big trek-or-treaters from the east end of the trail down by Schirmer Parkway to the north end of the Clark Lab Testing building on Skyline Drive. At the end of the trail there was a caldron for donations for the Friends of McCoy Creek Trail Committee which received $466 plus $300 from Buchanan Scarecrow Charities. 

If you participated in this event, you saw our Buchanan Chronicle Team in costume handing out candy, and now you may see some familiar costumes here in our photo gallery. We all had a great time and will probably see you next year on the trail! Enjoy the photos. Remember, you can print out this article!

TBC Team Members at Trek-of-Treat 2021, Photo by Julie Hoyt

Friends of McCoy’s Creek Trail sign, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

About Friends of McCoy’s Creek Trail: The Friends of McCoy’s Creek Trail was established by Resolution of the City of Buchanan in April 2004 as a subcommittee of the Buchanan Area Recreation Board. Friends of McCoy’s Creek Trail have gathered in unity to develop and pursue a trail through the City of Buchanan. They have developed pathways through E. B. Clark Woods on the south side of McCoy Creek and have continued the trail to downtown Buchanan along the Creek. They host events such as a 5k Extreme held in August and Trek-or-Treat for Halloween. Public can walk, run or just enjoy a stroll through the woods.

Friends of McCoy Creek Trail Facebook Here.

Friends of McCoy Creek Trail Website Here.

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