The Clark Barker – Issue 16

The Seasons are a Changin’

Leaves in Buchanan, Photo by The Clark Barker

We are all aware now that the fall leaves have been falling and soon the trees will be bare, except for those few oaks that like to hold onto some of their leaves. All in preparation for that white stuff that I like to run and hop in. However, I have noticed on the bottoms of my paws as my human takes me for a walk on the sidewalk, that there are lots of leaves on the sidewalks. And some of the leaves make it feel a little slippery and cover up the uneven places in the sidewalk.

From one canine to another canine’s owner, can you try to keep your sidewalk clear (of leaves and branches now, snow and ice later, etc), for all of us, please? One other thing that I have noticed on the sidewalks is the grass that grows in between those seams and it can hide unevenness and make others trip if they’re not careful. If this is trimmed, it can make our sidewalks nicer and more walk-friendly. Yes, the cold and rain is not the ideal time to do yard work. But when you get a day without rain and it might be chilly just remember that a little work here and there helps improve our sidewalks and yards.

Oh and don’t forget that brush pickup is no longer available and only leaves can be on the side of the road now for leaf pickup. If you leave brush out, you could get a citation from the city, and I don’t think that anyone wants one!


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