Seasonal Sentiments – Being Thankful

What I Think We Should Be “Thankful” For

by Garrick Stubblefield

Wow! I just don’t know where to start but it truly will be from my sacred heart to yours. I’m so blessed to be given a chance to be one of God’s creatures here on earth, and just surpassed 52 years of it with him, whether he is in whatever direction he is with you till the end. God is like a big shield around me and protects from the good and evil. This is just the beginning of being thankful. I want to say to my parents thank you for bearing with me in the times I was at home or doing something to make you proud. I wouldn’t be here today writing if it wasn’t all my teachers, mentors and every person between that gap I want to shout out and say “THANK YOU”…for all the police, firefighters, paramedics and most importantly the men and women in uniform keeping us safe each and every day. You all deserve the thanks from me and I stand behind what I say ~ THANK YOU.

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