Local Art – LMC Pottery Complete

LMC Pottery – Coil Pots

by Madelyn Kitchell
Finished Coil Pot art at LMC, Pottery and Photo by Madelyn Kitchell

If you guys have read previous articles you may have seen that I was working on an 18 inch coil pot. After more than a month-long process we are finally done with the coil pots! Many changes happened in this whole process.

After the actual building part that I explained in the last article, we had to bisque fire the pot in the kiln. Bisque firing means that the wet, soluble clay is fired in the kiln for the first time and turned into a ceramic material.

After this process I added underglazes. Underglazes are meant to be used purely under the glaze. All of the color on the pot was painted on in underglazes. The hardest part was painting on the ridged fish scales.

Next, after that dries, you get to glazing! I did a very simple glaze that was just clear. No mixing of glazes or major hassle. Glazing seems to be one of the most stressful and tiring processes in my opinion. You have to make sure the glazes are well mixed or else they’ll come out looking funny. I held the pot over a bucket on some painting stir sticks while the teacher helped pour the glaze on and inside my pot.

One of the toughest things about glaze is that you’ll never know what you’re getting into until you fire it for the last time. This is because the glaze is simply powdery chemical solution on the side of the pot until fired then it produces the color.

After I glazed I sat it back in to get fired in the kiln. After being fired I was shocked how smooth and shiny the final piece was. The glare of the glaze made many of my pictures blurry. I didn’t expect my piece to turn out the way it did but I love how unique it is.

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