Past Event – Cans for Veterans

Boxes for collecting Cans for Veterans, Photo by Garrick Stubblefield

The Buchanan Chronicle Honors Our Local Veterans

by Jen Garry, Publisher, with Photos by Donna & Garrick Stubblefield

This fall The Buchanan Chronicle held a Cans for Veterans donations drive; you may have seen some boxes around town asking for can and bottle donations. We were blown away by the community support when we totaled the donations and it came to a whopping $750 in just a few short months! That money all went into many gift cards to local businesses that can all be spent right here in the City of Buchanan.

Garrick Stubblefield and Rebecka Hoyt spoke at Auxiliary American Legion Buchanan Post 51, Photo by Donna Stubblefield

Thursday, December 2, 2021, our team was invited to Buchanan’s Auxiliary American Legion Post 51 to distribute the donation gift cards directly to our local veterans to honor and thank them for their service. Garrick Stubblefield, our puzzle maker and sports writer, is a veteran himself, and full credit goes to him for the idea, and for collecting and returning all the cans. He spoke briefly of his and our appreciation for our veterans and their service before handing out gift cards at random. Our Buchanan Veterans can use their gift cards all around Buchanan for everything from groceries at Harding’s to gas at stations in town to sandwiches at Gary Z’s and much more.

Veteran Recipients at Auxiliary American Legion Buchanan Post 51, Photos by Donna Stubblefield

With such donation success in the fall, we’ll resume our Cans for Veterans drive again in the new year. Keep an eye out for those boxes so we can continue to give back to our veterans. Small tokens though they may be, we will forever be grateful for our freedoms and those who ensure and protect them.

Thank You Veterans, we are ever grateful!

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