A Note from the Editor – Issue 19

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

Happy New Year everyone! What a year 2021 was, wasn’t it? However, I think that you can almost say that for any year, but when you have a pandemic during it, then it was quite a year! Looking back on the year though, there has been good news and not all bad news.

As I sit at my kitchen table with the sun shining outside, yes the sun is out today which is rare in January and surprisingly it is 38℉! I reflect on last year, 2021, when Jen Garry, our publisher and I started this great online newspaper on February 24 and the first issue came out March 20th! Never did I think that I was going to be an editor of an online newspaper. But when the opportunity came along I prayed and talked about it a lot, and I still do! Prayer really helps me to work things out along with my sketchbook and my GREAT team. 

The people that I have interviewed in-person at their business/home or even on a Google Meet have been great. Thank goodness for technology as one interview I had was going to be in-person, but then changed to a Google Meet with three people!

We are always asking our readers to give us suggestions for articles. Now I have a request for you: do you know anyone who has a rare disease? Rare Disease Day is the last day of February and we would like to showcase those diseases or even just a list of them. If you would like to have an interview on your/your family member’s rare disease, please email us at buchananchronicle@att.net. If not an interview, you can email the name of the rare disease as well (please make sure that your spelling is correct). Not sure if the disease is rare? Checkout the National Organization for Rare Disorders website and you can search for it. These will need to be received by February 9. Thank you for your help!

I hope that you will enjoy this 19th issue, please share! And may you enjoy 2022 to the fullest as I know that my sketchbook will be getting filled with more ideas.

Editor’s Sketchbook, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Happy Readings,

Rebecka Hoyt

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