Automotive Tech Tips – Issue 19

Check Engine Light On?

by Thomas Hoyt

We’ve all had this happen to us at some time or another, the check engine light comes on in our automobile. Well I had a new experience for me a while ago. It was mid-December and as I was on my way home the check engine light started blinking. Now, normally we may see the check engine light come on solid and not blinking. So naturally I was concerned and texted my neighbor about it, who happens to be a mechanic. He responded with a note stating that a blinking check engine light can mean something is causing damage to the engine. Yikes! 😮 So I didn’t waste time and called Denny’s Automotive right here in Buchanan the very next day. I couldn’t take the car in until the following Tuesday, so I let the car alone in my driveway until I could take it in to Denny’s. Later that same day Denny’s called me and told me that a spark plug was misfiring and that it appeared the car may have never had a tune up. Now a tune up with an automotive engine is where the spark plugs and plug wires are replaced with all new ones. So I told Denny’s to go ahead with the tune up. I also had Denny’s check the rear brakes, and as I suspected the rear brake rotors and pad needed replacing, so I had them do that also.

So the tip here today is this, if your check engine light comes on or starts blinking get that checked out right away. Denny’s Automotive here in Buchanan is very reasonable and prompt with their service. Also, do not take the brakes in your automobile for granted! If they feel funny in any way, get them checked out.

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