Local Business – New Owner for Bucktown Nutrition

Stephanie Anderson, new owner of Bucktown Nutrition, Photo by Anna Coffinger

New Owner for Bucktown Nutrition

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer, with Photos submitted by Bucktown Nutrition owner, Stephanie Anderson

As you make your way into Bucktown Nutrition at 105 Days Avenue, you will be seeing a couple new faces. Stephanie Anderson is now the new owner, and her mom, Anna, will be joining her. Leland Payne, former owner, will still see you in the wee hours of 5am – 9am, but Stephanie and Anna will be there from 9am – 5pm.

So, why a new owner? Leland wanted his responsibilities lessened, working all day every day is a lot, so he contacted Stephanie and asked if she would like to take ownership. After thinking about it, she said yes. She has four years of combined experience working in two other clubs and currently owns another club in South Bend, IN.

Stephanie has lived here since March with her boyfriend and 7-year-old son Zayden. Since she has been at the club, she has had many customers ask her questions, “About myself & my family, what made me want to have two clubs instead of one, if I was going to keep the punch card and I am. I don’t want to come in and change things and make people go away, I want to know how things were and if needed make some changes, I want to compromise and make people happy, some changes are good and I know that some people don’t like change, but some changes can be better.” Leland has told her about the specials he did for the Buchanan schools & athletics, so she will be honoring those specials.

One change that Stephanie will be making is replacing the syrups with powders as they have healthier benefits using Stevia which is a natural sweetener in the powders for their Tea Bombs. Her customers come to both of these shops and they don’t notice the difference in the flavors, a couple people have said that they actually taste a little better. In February, two years ago she opened the 933 Nutrition club in South Bend.

Gummy Bear Tea Bomb and Oreo Turtle Cheesecake Smoothie, Photos by Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie says that her favorite flavor of smoothie, “Is strawberry cheesecake or lemon pound cake with blueberry syrup and I am more of a fruit person.” New customers are still coming in and asking, “What is Bucktown Nutrition? The smoothies (meal replacement) are 250 calories or less, 17g of protein and you can add more protein. There are more nutrition clubs than Starbucks, and I learned that on a phone call.” So, they are prepared to answer any questions that you may have. You won’t know if you don’t ask.

They will also have some warm up options of soup and oatmeal bowls. They are high in protein, kinda like a broth or people use it for cooking. Hot water, oats and 4 or 5 choices of flavor and the meal replacement. 

She will keep up on the decorating during the holidays and possibly get someone to paint on the windows. Stephanie is super excited to get to know everyone and she remembers your name and order quite well. And she loves how Buchanan is such a supporting community in the short five months that she has lived here. Business hours are the same 5:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday; 8:00am – 3:00pm Saturday & Sunday. Stay up to date on their specials on their Bucktown Nutrition Facebook page. They are located at 105 Days Avenue in downtown Buchanan with plenty of parking. Stop in and welcome Stephanie and show her why we are the nicest place in America!

Bucktown Nutrition Facebook here.

Typical business hours are:

  • Monday – Friday : 5a-5p
  • Saturday – Sunday : 8a-3p

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