Local Veterans – Stories of Local Vets

Stories of Local Vets

by Garrick Stubblefield

This entire year I will be trying to interview local vets that have served our country and give us some stories that they experienced in the time they served. 

Garrick Stubblefield, MSSA Navy

Garrick served in the Navy and was a “mess specialist” in the Navy. Garrick served his country for 2 years and made the rank of seaman apprentice upon discharge from the service. Garrick was in from 1988-1990. Garrick remembers some good things about the times he served and here is a couple of them. As he was in boot camp, he really liked Olympic week because that was week where his entire squadron would work together and beat other squadrons to get patches on their flag and show off at graduation. The other memory Garrick had was visiting all the states on the west side of the United States.

John Stubblefield, MM2 Navy

John served in the Navy and was a “machinist mate” in the Navy. He made the rank of 2nd class petty officer and served from 1967-1973. John remembers in boot camp he was the “chow runner “and this title was given to the heaviest person in the squadron and their responsibility was run to the galley which is the eating area and give the person in charge the total count of how many were eating for that meal. Then if I recall, they had to make it back to the squadron before they got to the chow hall. If they didn’t, they would be the last to eat. John also has a memory of when he was aboard a submarine that they broke the ice 21 times and in doing so they broke the periscopes off and had to ride the surface from the north Atlantic all the way back home of Groton Connecticut which he proclaims was a very cold experience.

Thank You to ALL Our Veterans, we are ever grateful!

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