The Clark Barker – Issue 19

It’s Cold Outside!

Oh wow, is it getting cold outside! My human keeps telling me that one of these days, they are going to put my little snow boots on me. Oh just great…but I really don’t like it when my feet get cold when there is snow and ice with temperatures lower than 20℉. Also, it helps when the sidewalks are clear of snow and ice too (I may have mentioned this before that there is a city ordinance on this subject). My human says that sometimes it is hard to get rid of the ice and that they try to do their best. And when you go on someone else’s sidewalk well that’s another story. Unless you have neighbors that end up clearing your sidewalk or even your driveway, which is a very nice act of kindness!

Also, please remember to watch your speed now that the roads are getting slippery. Slow is a good thing, just make sure that you leave ahead of time to get to your destination. It’s better to get there late or too early compared to not at all. And if you get there early, you can relax a little from the drive. Remember, you have some special pets and or humans to get home to as well. And my other furry friends and I will be wagging our tails when you walk through that door to have you take us outside back to the cold!


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