A Note from the Publisher – Issue 20

by Jen Garry, Publisher

Welcome to 2022! We’re so grateful to be able to bring Buchanan all the latest and most local news! Thank you as always for reading along with us, to interact with and learn about your community and things that affect your neighbors, your family, and you!

An introduction is needed, as we’ve added a writer to our staff recently. You may have seen her name in several of our articles and as credit on some photos, we’re so excited to welcome Miranda Barger to the team! Any long-time readers may recognize her name, as she had previously written for The Buchanan Paper (the legacy we strive to continue, it was the physical newspaper that was around before we began The Buchanan Chronicle online).

Miranda Barger, Photo provided by Miranda Barger

Miranda and her family live in the Buchanan/Niles vicinity, with a kid or two in Buchanan schools. She will be writing on and photographing some local events, she relays emails and information to us from Governor Whitmer’s office to share, as well as already adding some humorous stories to our Now That’s Funny! column. We look forward to reading all the great things she has to say! Thanks for joining us Miranda!!

As always, I’d like to remind you if you come across anything newsworthy, any announcements to share publicly, or anything you’d like your community to know about, please let us know by email (at buchananchronicle@att.net) or message us on our Facebook page. We really appreciate any communication, we want to know what’s happening so we can tell our community! We love to publish Opinion pieces from local contributors, feel free to write in if you have something to say to Buchanan!

Thanks again for reading and engaging in our Buchanan Community with us! Happy 2022!

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