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Photo provided by Ashley Hanson

Homeschooling Learning Spotlight – Christmas Focus

Text and Photos Shared with Permission from Posts by Ashley Hanson

Today is the “first” day of Advent for many…starting the annual countdown to Christmas….with all of the themed calendars…  with candy and gifts to open daily for a treat.  BUT do you know the true meaning of Advent?? I didn’t until I starting reading about it…so I could explain to AJ…why we have this tradition anyway. 

Well, simply Advent is Latin for “coming”…we have advanced the term to mean…waiting on the arrival of a notable person, event or thing.  Most notably so….the tradition of Advent Calendars and Wreaths.  Advent is intended to be a time that we prepare our hearts and homes for Jesus.

Photo provided by Ashley Hanson

Traditionally, Advent actually begins the 4th Sunday before Christmas Eve. The Advent wreath is a tradition much older than the cardboard calenders.  Every Sunday evening, a candle would be lit…ending on Christmas Eve…with the center candle…and all candles lit.    Each candle is a different color and each one has a different symbolic meaning.  The first week’s candle is purple and means hope…The Prophecy candle…readying our hearts and minds…resurrecting hope for new beginnings.  The second candle (purple as well) represents peace…also known as the Bethlehem or preparation candle…preparing our homes for the King’s Peaceful Arrival.  Third candle is the only pink candle and symbolizes joy…known as the Mothering or Graudate candle…this is the time for refreshments with friends and family.  The fourth candle (back to purple) is the Angel Candle and represnts love.  The candle in the center is lit on Christmas Eve, and is appropriately named the Christ Candle….it is white and represents purity.   The wreath itself has symbolism as well…the evergreen represents the hope of eternal life and the circle shape of the wreath shows God’s infinite life and love for us all. 

Just a little information I learned… and something to reflect on as you eat your chocolates or move your elf (cause that is the newest Advent “calendar” of sorts…another way to get in the spirit of the holiday.) So, for the record it seems like the debate is over…no Christmas decorating until the Advent season actually starts…the Sunday after Thanksgiving 🤷‍♀️…I said what I said🤣🤦‍♀️

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