Local Clubs – An Interview with Miss Buchanan 2020

Jade Smith, Miss Buchanan 2020, Photo by Dylan Catalano, Submitted by Jade Smith

Jade Smith, Miss Buchanan 2020

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

December of 2019 was the last time the Miss Buchanan Scholarship Pageant was held and Jade Smith was crowned Queen for Miss Buchanan 2020. During a recent phone interview while she’s attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I learned more about how she handled college, and any duties of her being Miss Buchanan and a part of Blossomtime during a pandemic.

Jade is majoring in Biopsychology Cognition Neuroscience (BCN). Yes, that is a mouth-full and what does it mean? This is a program offered at U of M for her to become a PA (Physician’s Assistant). She has a few other schools lined up for PA school that also help with CNA/patient care techs. She lived on campus for the first semester, then when the lockdown happened, she had to go back home and take her classes online. She has been back in-person but lives off campus with some great roommates. Her favorite subject is Biology which was tough at times but she got through it. She likes the environmental/science type of biology with the animals/insects. Her least favorite subject is Chemistry. She doesn’t care for it much but knows that it is important.

So, what makes one compete for a scholarship pageant? Jade’s mom and aunt influenced her. Her friends also joined in on it and she did it for fun. Jade was in shock when she won as she was not expecting it. It took her a while to settle in that she was Miss Buchanan 2020!

Jade Smith crowned Miss Buchanan 2020, Photo by Dylan Catalano, Submitted by Jade Smith

During a pandemic it was different doing pageant-type things. When she did Miss Blossomtime, the event was canceled 2 or 3 days before it was supposed to happen. She “got used to hearing the bad news of things being canceled here and there,” stated Jade Smith. Her goals for being Miss Buchanan 2020, Jade said, “To be more confident in myself, self-love and improve my leadership skills, which you can always improve on.” After Blossomtime was held, she did virtual videos of reading books to elementary school-aged kids. Then, Miss Blossomtime and her court as well as other past community queens drove to the current community queens houses to say “Hi.” Some people started new hobbies during the pandemic, however, she found herself working on puzzles, reading for school and having fun with her friends when she was able to visit them. “I was on a workout schedule and it phased out a little due to some stress. But I put my education first, mental health second, workout/lifting weights third as it ran into my school schedule.”

Since being Miss Buchanan, she has grown mentally, confidence wise and having self-love for herself. Her future plans are to graduate in 2024, have a gap year in 2025, and then graduate in 2027 from PA schools – in-state (clinical rotations). She would really like to go to Colorado for a PA school as it is really pretty there. When asked if she had any advice to give to students Pre-K – 12th grade, she said, “Focus on yourself as much as possible. Your strength can be someone’s weakness – embrace your other weakness. And for girls, it never hurts to do Miss Buchanan. Be yourself and don’t compare yourself to others – which I learned during my Freshman year.” I believe that all of us, not just the kids, can take her advice! She also stated, “I am the same person. I learned interview skills and turned my nervousness into excitement.”

Miss Buchanan 2022 happened last Saturday, January 15, 2022 at Buchanan High School. Jade was there to crown the new Miss Buchanan 2022. You can read all about it in this article “Miss Buchanan 2022”. Good luck to you in your future endeavors Jade!

About Miss Buchanan, Inc.: Miss Buchanan Inc. was started in 1978. Every December, Miss Buchanan Inc. holds a pageant where young ladies compete for the title of Miss Buchanan and her Court of Honor. Through her year of service as Miss Buchanan, she gets opportunities to attend local community events, receives scholarship money, and represents her community in the Miss Blossomtime pageant. Miss Buchanan Inc.’s mission is to always support and encourage the young women chosen as Miss Buchanan and her Court of Honor.
For more information, their website is www.buchanan.mi.us/item/miss-buchanan-inc.html.

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