Local Clubs – Miss Buchanan Pageant 2022

Miss Buchanan Pageant 2022 with current and past queens, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Miss Buchanan Pageant 2022

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

It’s been two years since the last Miss Buchanan Pageant was held in December of 2019. Buchanan High School auditorium was the venue for the Miss Buchanan Pageant 2022 held on Saturday, January 15, at 6pm. This pageant was different from the past pageants of course as all attendees were to wear masks and the Coronation Ball was not held, but the bright colors and sequins that adorned the contestants’ dresses and their smiles were all beautiful!

Miss Buchanan Pageant 2020 Queen Jade Smith presents the 2022 contestants, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Miss Buchanan 2020, Jade Smith was there to crown Lillian Waggoner, Miss Buchanan 2022! The theme of the pageant was “The Nicest Place in America” as bright yellow decorative lanterns and posters were decorated with fun smiles and a balloon arch of rainbows was the backdrop as well as it lined the front of the stage. The American Legion Post #51 of Buchanan presented the flags for the National Anthem. Opening ceremonies were done by Miss Buchanan 2020 Jade Smith and John Colip, Master of Ceremonies. A dance number was put on by the contestants wearing yellow t-shirts with the famous black smile and black pants along to Pharrell Williams’ song, “Happy.” Introductions of the Mayor of Buchanan, Sean Denison (not in attendance due to illness; Buchanan City Manager, Heather Grace took his place); Buchanan Community Schools Superintendent Patricia Robinson; Judges: Marie Brown, Dr. Joshua Wahlstrom, and Marsha Watson; Pages: Emily Riley, Maya Schuhknecht and Megan Adkerson; Blossomtime Reps & Tellers: Ronnie Patrick and Sarah Lawrence; Committee Tellers: Sheila Proud and Maddy Vorrath; and Escorts Nick McKean and Brian Proud, were done by Mr. John Colip, Master of Ceremonies.

Each contestant was escorted out by their father for their presentation and question. Mr. John Colip asked them: “Why would you want to be crowned Miss Buchanan 2022?” Lillian answered, “To be a good role model to those younger than me.” As the contestants were asked this question, with only them being on the stage one at a time, the other contestants were somewhere else to where they could not hear the other contestants’ answers. The 2020 Court made a fun appearance by dancing to a small number “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & The Waves band. Visiting Queens and royalty also joined the stage to give their kind remarks to 2020 Miss Buchanan Jade Smith and the rest of the contestants. Then the key to the city was presented to Jade by Heather Grace, Buchanan City Manager as Sean Denison, Mayor of Bunan was unable to attend. The S.W.M. Blossom Queen Sorority also gave their kind words of encouragement.

Miss Buchanan Pageant 2022 Top 5 Finalists (L-R): Lillian Waggoner, Caitlyn Tucker, Alexa Burns, Hayden Bauer, Joy Kaltenbach, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

The excitement was strong in this auditorium as the Top 5 contestants were named: Lillian Waggoner, Joy Kaltenbach, Caitlyn Tucker, Hayden Bauer and Alexa Burns! Before a new Miss Buchanan was announced, it was time for Miss Buchanan 2020 Queen Jade Smith to say farewell with a video of her highlights on being Queen for the past two years.

Miss Buchanan Pageant 2022 Queen Lillian Waggoner, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

So now, the time has come to announce the new Miss Buchanan Queen 2022 and her court!

  • Miss Congeniality: Joy Kaltenbach, daughter of Rebecca Kaltenbach, Bret Kaltenbach
  • Second Runner Up: Alexa Burns, daughter of Edward Burns, Jamie McLalin
  • First Runner Up: Hayden Bauer, daughter of Cheryl and Blake Bauer
  • Miss Buchanan 2022: Lillian Waggoner, daughter of Brandon and Crystal Waggoner
Miss Buchanan Pageant 2022 Miss Congeniality Joy Kaltenbach, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

This year’s pageant was able to give a scholarship to each contestant provided by area businesses/organizations.

  • $1,500 Queens Scholarship from Buchanan Lodge No. 68 Free and Accepted Masons of Michigan: Lillian Waggoner
  • $500 Scholarship from American Legion Family Ralph Rumbaugh Post No. 51: Claire Lietz
  • $500 Scholarship from Buchanan Scarecrow Charities: Allison Keser
  • $500 Scholarship from Buchanan Scarecrow Charities: Caitlyn Tucker
  • $500 Scholarship from Redbud Insurance Services, LLC: Lauren Strefling
  • $500 Evelyn June Klingerman Memorial Scholarship from Family of Evelyn June Klingerman: Alexa Burns
  • $500 Roland (Rollie) Carlson Memorial Scholarship from Kelly Freeze and Makayla Miller: Brianna Martin
  • $250 Scholarship from Honor Credit Union: Joy Kaltenbach
  • $250 Scholarship from The Bair Family: McKenzie McMenamin
  • $250 Harold R. Gaul Memorial Scholarship from The Gaul Family: Hayden Bauer
  • $250 Scholarship from Miss Buchanan Committee, Inc.: Kaitlynne Walter
  • $250 Scholarship from Miss Buchanan Committee, Inc.: Cadience Benton
  • $125 Harold R. Gaul Memorial Scholarship from Gaul Family: Nick McKean
  • $125 Harold R. Gaul Memorial Scholarship from Gaul Family: Brian Proud

*Both Escorts & Mr. Blossomtime Representatives from Buchanan will each reverie a $125 scholarship in honor of Harold R. Gaul. (Miss Buchanan 2022 program)

Miss Buchanan Pageant 2022 Queen Lillian Waggoner celebrates with her court, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Master of Ceremonies, John Colip asked Miss Buchanan 2022, “What are your first words as Queen?”

“I just want to say thank you so much to the judges for choosing me. I also want to thank them and for all of the other wonderful women for helping us getting ready for this wonderful event and helped with all these beautiful ladies, I love you guys. I also want to thank my family for helping me and supporting me for this and I want to thank the community for coming out and watching this amazing event, thank you!”

Miss Buchanan 2022 Lillian Waggoner
Miss Buchanan Pageant 2022 Queen Lillian Waggoner and Miss Buchanan 2020 Queen Jade Smith, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

I was able to chat a bit with Lillian being crowned Miss Buchanan 2022 and I asked her what her reaction was when her name was called for Miss Buchanan: 

“I was not expecting to win, but I did. I spent about two months of time and heartache to prepare for it. My plans for the future is to go to Lake Michigan College and get a degree in Special Education and then to Western Michigan University. I enjoy singing and acrylic painting as fun activities. I work at Blossomland Learning Center and work with kids everyday and I enjoy it so much. I can be a role model to younger girls and remember looking at Miss Buchanan when I was younger thinking that this is going to be me one day.” 

Miss Buchanan 2022 Lillian Waggoner
Miss Buchanan Pageant 2022 with Escorts/Mr. Blossomtime Representatives Brian Proud (on left) & Nick McKean (on right); 1st Runner Up Hayden Bauer, Miss Buchanan 2022 Queen Lillian Waggoner, 2nd Runner Up Alexa Burns, Miss Congeniality Joy Kaltenbach , Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

The Buchanan Chronicle would like to congratulate all of the contestants of Miss Buchanan 2022 on a great night of supporting each other! We look forward to next year’s pageant.

About Miss Buchanan, Inc.: Miss Buchanan Inc. was started in 1978. Every December, Miss Buchanan Inc. holds a pageant where young ladies compete for the title of Miss Buchanan and her Court of Honor. Through her year of service as Miss Buchanan, she gets opportunities to attend local community events, receives scholarship money, and represents her community in the Miss Blossomtime pageant. Miss Buchanan Inc.’s mission is to always support and encourage the young women chosen as Miss Buchanan and her Court of Honor.
For more information, website is www.buchanan.mi.us/item/miss-buchanan-inc.html.

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