Local Opinion – Truck Traffic

Semi-truck traffic in Downtown Buchanan

Submitted by Steve Raglin

Dear Buchanan Chronicle,

It’s time for the city to put an end to the semi-truck traffic barreling down Front St. through our historic downtown area. 

As I sit in my store a very large semi-truck just bounced by rattling everything within. It’s quite startling at times and with the crumbling below ground infrastructure work pending a recipe for disaster. Enough is enough. Business owners have complained to the Buchanan city manager for years about the dangerous speed and broken windows and the city has chosen to do nothing to redirect this type of traffic. There is no other historic downtown area that allows semi-truck traffic to operate this way. Signage is most often posted, however, this will have to be enforced by our police department in order to be effective.

Steve Raglin
SL Consignment Gallery
Buchanan, MI

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