Now That’s Funny! – Issue 20

by Julie Hoyt and Thomas Hoyt

So on a Wednesday, a youth pastor decided to have pancakes for a youth group.  He tried it at his house. Let’s just say it didn’t go well 🤮.  So he thought that waffles would be easier.  Wednesday comes and the first one to make a waffle is my friend’s brother.  The “waffle” is done in the waffle iron.  He looks at it and it doesn’t appear to be fully cooked, even though the waffle iron said it was done.

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He still ate the waffle and I guess it must have tasted okay since I believe he ate the whole thing. 😮After that the rest of the youth group made their waffles and ate them. My dad spoke with this youth pastor days later and was told that the waffle batter was uncooperative! 🤣

Keep laughing folks! 😊

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