Now That’s Funny! with Garrick – Issue 20

Mismarked Chicken

by Garrick Stubblefield

So I work here at the local Harding’s store in Buchanan, in the deli department. One day an older lady asked me what part of the chicken would feed her and a dog of hers. She ended up getting a breast, which is usually the biggest piece of all the choices. So I go and put the code in for her chicken I accidently put it in twice. Well the funny part of all this is when the lady went to check out she saved the chicken last because she looked at the price and said to the cashier if she was going to $25.90 for a breast her and the dog better find something better to eat. So the cashier called me up and I made a mistake and it was supposed to be $2.59 and the little old lady said with a smile that fits my budget.

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