A Note from the Editor – Issue 21

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

There are times when I sit down to write this note, I get writer’s block. So, I look back on my notes in my sketchbook/Rocketbook notebook from our team meetings, and previous “Notes from the Editor,” to get some ideas. Finally, it comes to me: As I write this, it has been a year since I started to come up with ideas for The Buchanan Chronicle. Most of those ideas have been published and some have still yet to be published. As our great town of Buchanan evolves, our team comes up with more ideas and we talk about how we are going to incorporate them and other ideas they have into an issue or as a Facebook LIVE video.

In the near future, you will see some neat personal stories in writing as well as Facebook LIVE videos. Check them out and learn a little bit more about our team! We would also like to get to know our readers even more. Now I have a request for you: do you know anyone who has a rare disease? Rare Disease Day is the last day of February and we would like to showcase those diseases or even just a list of them. If you would like to have an interview on your/your family member’s rare disease, please email us at buchananchronicle@att.net. If not an interview, you can email the name of the rare disease as well (please make sure that your spelling is correct). Not sure if the disease is rare? Checkout the National Organization for Rare Disorders website and you can search for it. These will need to be received by Thursday, February 10 so we can publish this list in our 2nd issue of February. Thank you for your help!

Each article in this issue is special. Although, I would like to highlight a few of them:

  • The Mayor’s Memo by Mayor Sean Denison
  • Winter Wonderland by Garrick Stubblefield writer, The Buchanan Chronicle
  • Buchanan Community Schools Press Release

Enjoy this issue and please send us your comments in an email: buchananchronicle@att.net or comment on our Facebook page post of any article telling us what you think. We truly value your opinion as it helps us to know what matters to you and to serve our community better.

Happy Readings,

Rebecka Hoyt

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