Chronicle Community – Snow Photos Submitted

Snow Photo Submissions on Facebook

by The Buchanan Chronicle Team

❄️❣️SNOW DAY 2! Show us your snow photos and they might get picked to be in our 21st issue this Saturday! Put them in the comments below with your name and city. Snowmen ☃️ creations in the snow ❄️ or designs in the snow that is on your vehicle 🚗! They must be in the comments by 9pm tonight, Thursday, February 3!❣️❄️ We are excited to see them!

Posted to The Buchanan Chronicle Facebook page by Rebecka Hoyt on February 3, 2022

Below you can see the submitted photos in response, enjoy the snowy imagery from near and far. Thanks so much to all who participated and submitted photos!

Special Snow Photo from Myrtle Beach SC, Thanks to Margaret Smith-Gridley

Keep looking for more Community Participation opportunities in the future, here on our website and on our Facebook page!

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