Buchanan Community Schools – February News

BCS February News

by Patricia L. Robinson, BCS Superintendent

February 2022

Dear Buck Families,

Parent Advisory Committee

Our Parent Advisory Committee met in December and again in January. Each year we invite parents to join the group. The purpose of the Parent Advisory Committee is to :

  • To stimulate meaningful dialogue between community stakeholders, district leadership, and members of the Buchanan Board of Education
  • To increase the involvement of parents and community members in the education process
  • To recognize achievements of students & staff
  • To raise awareness regarding community concerns

This year we have five subcommittees . These subcommittees are focusing on:

  • Maximizing scheduling options for high school students
  • Exploring ways to incorporate a second language in early years
  • District Calendar
  • School Safety 
  • Retaining and Recruiting students and safety 

As a district, we want to ensure that we are working with parents at various levels to continue the journey of success for all students.  

Learn by Heart Campaign 

We started our Learn by Heart Campaign which is designed to increase the awareness of the dedication of Berrien County educators and foster continuing public school support through a countywide campaign. We will highlight relationships between educators, students, parents and community members through stories and videos. Please visit our website and click on the link Buchanan Has Heart! If you would like to share a story please email Michelle Munyon (mmunyon@buchananschools.com ). You should include story background, participant names, relevant pictures, quotes, etc.

As always thank you for your support and, Go Bucks!

BCS Superintendent Patricia Robinson, Spring 2021, Photo from BCS

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