BCS Sports Highlight – Athlete Spotlight Kaitlynne Walter

Mighty Girl

by Nik Sanchez

Senior Kaitlynne Walter (17) of Buchanan High School has been putting on a clinic on the wrestling mat. Kaitlynne has obtained a 10 win season along with a 6 pin season with a 27 second pin at regionals and has qualified for state. She is the first girl to qualify for state, ever in Buchanan High School history.

Growing up, Kaitlynne did competitive cheer for 12 years before taking her talents to the mat, her biggest inspiration was proving the naysayers wrong. Some of her other hobbies include horseback riding or simply called equestrian. She also is involved in demolition derby as a driver as she literally pummels her opponents. She has plenty of support from the family including her younger siblings, she is the oldest so she has to lead by example.

Kaitlynne has two colleges in mind as she will continue her wrestling journey, they are Adrian College and Sienna Heights college both private colleges who are looking to get their wrestling program off on the right foot. Kaitlynne has a favorite go-to move she always uses, a “duck under” which is pivotal when combining combinations in wrestling. Another move she plans on working on is the fireman carry” which can dominate an opponent and is a power move when her opponent hits the mat as she throws them over their shoulder. She also is involved in track as Kaitlynne does discus and shot put both are power sports so I can see where the determination comes from.

As a former wrestler I was impressed with her knowledge and confidence and her overall kindness. Even Though she was a macho wrestler she was still a sweetheart and loves competing and her hometown of Buchanan.

Good Luck Kaitlynne Walter, Image from Buchanan Athletics Facebook page


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