Buchanan Community Schools – March 4 Band

March 4 Band Declared

by Jennifer Tabor, Fundraising Lead

March 4 Band is a community fundraiser aimed at raising $60,000 before the end of the 2021-2022 school year for uniforms, equipment, and instruments for the Buchanan High School March Band and Color Guard.  

March 4 Band 2022 flyer, Image provided by Jen Tabor

The concept emerged in the Fall of 2021 when I started traveling with my daughters to marching band competitions. I found instruments without cases, instruments that had been used for generations now falling apart on the field, our bass drum is held to it’s frame with a bungee, and heavy carts loaded with gear being pulled up hills with a rope. 

I began to realize that the lack of proper equipment and need for new uniforms is not visible in the community and our citizens would want more for their band students.  I used the opportunities to document the marching bands needs so I could present to an audience.  With the help and support of the Buchanan Band Boosters, we are launching a large scale campaign to rally around the students with support and financial donations.

March 4 Band 2022 support, Image provided by Jen Tabor

Stop by Union Coffee House on March 4, 6, 8, and 12 to hear some band kids playing in person (3-4pm weekdays, 11-12am weekend days) and support them.

If you have any old instruments, Buchanan City Hall will accept them as well as your monetary donations.  You will see “TIPS for the BAND” canisters in many Buchanan businesses very soon to throw your loose change in.  Also, a “Play-a-Thon” will happen on March 15 from 3pm – 9pm at Buchanan Middle School.  Please donate to our students that show you their pledge sheet!  You will see some band students throughout Buchanan playing music, so take it all in as they bring music to our streets and ears! Next week, you will have the chance to purchase band stickers/window clings for $2.

We would like to thank the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation for helping with the purchase towards a sousaphone and two field speakers!  As well as Bucktown Nutrition and 933 Nutrition for the “TIPS for the BAND” canisters!  A give back night will happen on April 18 (all day) at Hacienda on Portage Rd., in South Bend, IN.

They work so hard after and before school to provide the school spirit that makes this place great! We have a big ask, but go big or go home! 

Follow our journey at March4Band

Locally Buchanan Band Parents

Donate here! https://gofund.me/e4e972da

Giving is the best gift. Go Bucks!

March 4 Band Fundraiser

Jen Tabor – Fundraising Lead

Jennie Brackett – Band Boosters President

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