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by Madelyn Kitchell

Do you want to improve all aspects of your life but don’t exactly know how? This is where a life coach comes into play. You may wonder, What really is a life coach? According to a local life coach, Sabine, they provide general assistance to come up with strategies that will improve all aspects of one’s life. Some of these aspects include physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental parts of one’s everyday life. Let’s dive deeper into Sabine and her Spice for Life Coaching career.

Sabine has had a variety of careers throughout her life. After a while she realized people always gravitated towards her and felt comfortable being able to have her shoulder to lean on. They confided in her whether it was to relearn things about themselves by asking for her thoughts and advice. From this gift she had of helping others, her passion grew and she wanted to convert the passion into a career path. One day she decided to post that she was going to take that leap and finally become a life coach. She started to search up programs to further her education in life coaching to increase her ability to help people. The program she chose dealt with both health and life coaching. Through the program she learned how both life and health coaching go hand in hand.

Another big thing she learned is how small habits can create huge changes, whether positive or negative, in one’s life. In this program they started peer coaching through which she had the ability to work with many people from many different backgrounds and career paths. She’s worked with people from Dubai, Montreal, and the United States. These people worked as nurses all the way to bankers and pastors. Sabine stated, “No matter your background, your ethnicity or religion, people, we all strive for one thing. We just want to be happy.” This really shows that everyone occasionally needs help and wants happiness no matter what background you are from. Now let’s dive further into what this career means and how a life coach could possibly help you.

Sabine Wheetley, Photo provided by Sabine Wheetley

The purpose of these coaching sessions is to examine a problem in your life. Then you go through and explore your thoughts. Lastly you use all that information to problem solve and create a solution to that problem. Different examples of coaching include: creating a work/life balance, switching careers, stress management, increasing one’s self confidence, or improving one’s relationship. According to (, Life coaches provide tools to help one face their challenges and complete or even exceed their goals. Sabine informed me that there are many misconceptions that a life coach is a therapist or similar to a nutritionist. Life coaches help aid clients in more broad ways, while therapists help clients mental health while having more schooling required for the job. 

If you are thinking that having a life coach will be a good fit for you you may want to be aware of a few things. Don’t expect immediate results. Everything takes time and most of the things the life coaches help with also take work from you. For example, you aren’t going to be able to improve a relationship without doing work inside of that relationship. The life coach gives you aids, material, and advice to help the relationship and you have to then use that to improve it. Another thing to be aware of is that every life coach might not fit your needs. You have to pick and choose your coach and possibly go to multiple before you might find the right fit for you. The best thing is to find a coach you have a positive relationship with and enjoy. This will make it easier to improve your life if you actually enjoy your coaching sessions.

Overall, a life coach is a great option if you are having struggles in many different areas of life. One great local option would be Spice for Life Coaching. You can find her at,, and Spice for Life Coaching both on Instagram and Facebook. She makes sure her clients have a safe and positive space to come to the second the session begins. For now all of her sessions are through video call so she can see clients reactions and body language to gauge where they are at in the session. Her sessions last around 45 minutes to an hour. Go check out her coaching if it is something that interests you! It has the possibility to improve all aspects of your life.

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