Local Veterans – Stories of Local Vets

Stories of Local Vets

by Garrick Stubblefield

Through the year I will be trying to interview local vets that have served our country and give us some stories that they experienced in the time they served. 

J. L. Posey, MP Army

Today I’m here with Mr. J.L. Posey to give his experience while in the military. Mr. Posey was in the Army from 1962 thru 1964. Mr. Posey a ”MP” which translates to a Military Policeman and obtained the rank as CPL. “Corporal”. Mr. Posey’s best memory in boot camp was when the Vietnam war began, he looked up in the sky from the base he was stationed at and saw 75 helicopters heading to Vietnam. He was sent to Fort Benning Georgia and was put with the 11th air assault division team. Some of his tours have included the 820, 577, and “MP” of a hecklers club.

Soon after his “A” school or “MOS” was finished a friend took to New York City to see the city and another time he visited the White House.

Thank You to ALL Our Veterans, we are ever grateful!

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