Past Event – Bowling for the Cure

Bowling for the Cure 2022

by Garrick Stubblefield

Saturday, February 19, 2022 at Joey Armadillo’s Bowling Center in Niles, Michigan, some of The Buchanan Chronicle team (Garrick, Dan, Becka, Tom, and Julie) were in attendance bowling for a great cause. The event that took place was Bowling For The Cure, which is a foundation set up under the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Director (Chris Marlin) has done it for 16 years, minus our 2 hiccup years of COVID. What motivates Chris to do it year after year is the amount of support volunteering, and most of all the donations that come in. Chris says that she and the crew set a goal each year and it seems to amaze her that they succeed each and every year, as of this year they have raised over $200,000 total. 

The Buchanan Chronicle Team bowlers, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Not only was there bowling, the foundation was doing raffles, silent white elephant drawings, and chunks of meat giveaways. They also were doing the “stuff Ms. Piggy” and bragging rights of which school was the best, of course you either had Michigan or Notre Dame. Their goal was met if not surpassed this year! Chris said that there was a lot of excitement in the air and hoped to see everyone from this year next year and beyond. Be looking for this event to occur annually, typically around the middle of February.

The Bunny bowler and friends, Photo by Garrick Stubblefield

About Bowling for the Cure: A year-round fundraising initiative sponsored by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) to benefit Susan G. Komen®. USBC is the national governing body of bowling as recognized by the US Olympic Committee and is a membership organization that provides standardized rules, regulations and benefits to make bowling fair and enjoyable for everyone. Bowl for the Cure® has raised more than $11 million for Komen since 2000.

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