Local Business – The Sweet Shop

Ribbon Cutting in Buchanan’s Sweet Shop March 11 2022, Photo by Nik Sanchez

Grand Day for a Sweet Shop

by Nik Sanchez

A wonderful day for the nicest town in America, Buchanan. The Sweet Shop has been open but they finally did the grand red ribbon cutting on March 11th. They bring new exciting menu options that could ignite the community and offer new tasty treats to try. Some of the options include: gelato of many different flavors, personal pizza freshly baked, and of course Italian coffee and other great candies and chocolates to offer the community. Some had other ideas to change the town motto to “The Sweetest Town in America.” Some laughed but others pondered as it might be becoming true. Buchanan is very close to achieving Willy Wonka type status and vibes with the additions the past few years with plans to continue to grow as a town and township, The Sweet Shop offers another valued piece to The Nicest Place in America.

Pizza at Cafe Italiano, Photo by Tom Hoyt
Buchanan’s Sweet Shop family with Joseph Paolucci and Thomas Hitchcock, Photo by Nik Sanchez

The Sweet Shop – Cafe Italiano

Typical business hours are:

  • Tuesday – Sunday : 11a-5p

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