The Clark Barker – Issue 24

Watch Your Garage Door

So, we have had quite a few days without snow and just recently some days with snow. My owner tells me that the first day of spring is tomorrow and hopefully the snow stays aways until next winter and the temperatures go up. With the temperatures going up, I have been noticing more action going outside from Dad’s office window and the living room window. There are more squirrels, people walking their dogs, kids and cats. Mom told me she saw a cat run out from our garage as she closed the garage door from the inside of the house! The cat got out in time and the garage door went back up before it even got half way down because it detected the movement of the cat when the door was going down. I did not know that garage doors could do that, but that is a good thing!

So, word of advice: when it’s getting dark out, get your pets back home and do a check inside your garage or under your vehicle before you close the garage door. You never know what could run out of your garage when you open it or might be in some other not-so-good condition.


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