The Clark Barker – Issue 25

Will it be Chilly on the Chili-Walk?

I heard that there is a Chili-Walk coming up soon on Thursday, April 7 from 5-7pm. I sure do hope that the weather isn’t too cold, but you will be able to warm-up with your $2 tasting spoon and map that you get at Lehman’s and start your walk from there. One of my humans has been on this Chili-Walk before and has really enjoyed it. You also get to vote for your favorite chili and prizes are awarded at the end of the walk which you do at Lehman’s.

The Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce and Buchanan Meadows is presenting this 14th annual event and a donation is made to a local club/organization. This year, it will go to Buchanan Garden Club. So, I hope that there will be good weather for this event! One word of advice, watch out for the spicy and hot chili’s, and always cross at a crosswalk and none of that darting out between parked cars on the roads. My question for my human is: will there be ice cream or milk to cool off your taste buds?


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