Community Press Release – City of Buchanan Spring Announcements

City of Buchanan Spring Announcements – Brush Pick-Up

Buchanan, MI – April 04, 2022

Brush & Yard Waste Pick-Up is going on now!

The City of Buchanan has resumed Yard Waste and Brush Pick Up April 4 – October 2, 2022. Grass clippings, leaves, hedge trimmings , and/or garden waste must be in 30 gallon brown recyclable paper bags that can be purchased from the store of our choice. Residents must call the Cemetery by Sunday evening at 695-3971 (24hr answering machine) to request pick-up.

Additionally, the City will pick up brush and limbs on the FIRST and THIRD Monday of each month. Brush and limbs must be neatly stacked and laying in one direction on the tree lawn area, between the curb and sidewalk. Items will NOT be accepted if tied in bundles or if it exceeds 10ft in length. No branches or tree trunks with a diameter greater than 4in will be collected. Tree stumps are NOT acceptable.

Yard Waste and Brush Pick Up notices, Spring 2022, City of Buchanan

2020 Nicest City in America – Buchanan, MI!

City of Buchanan website Here.

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