Past Event – BASC Hosts Meg Paulette

Meg Paulette, Director of Buchanan District Library, Photo by BDL

Coffee Chat with Buchanan District Library Director Meg Paulette

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

Buchanan Area Senior Center is the place to be on the first Wednesday of each month to learn a little bit more about someone, a business, or an organization. April 6, 2022 at 9:00am was the Coffee Chat to get to know Meg Paulette, Director of Buchanan District Library.

Meg has been the Director since 2019. She grew up here in Buchanan, has worked with Center for the Homeless Ministries in South Bend, worked at Ottawa Elementary School for four years, did marketing at Fernwood Botanical Garden with her Graphic Design degree and also worked for some time at the library in the past. She has always wanted to work at a place that gives back to the community and gives to others. Meg has always been a reader and would check out as many books she could and bring them home. One of the things she loves about our library is eliminating fines. “And Buchanan District Library accomplished that before the Chicago library implemented it. This allows for many people in our community to use the library,” stated Meg. However, please do your best to return your books as someone could be waiting for that book.

A some-what new thing they have at the library is: Library of Things! You can check out things that range from an air fryer, inflatable kayaks, a single person tent as well as a family size tent, tools, etc.. Other libraries have started doing this. Director Meg Paulette says, “Why not share things and not buy things which is also wasteful and we can share them and most items are loaned out for a week.” Other libraries have started this as well. You can click on this link that will take you to the Library of Things catalog and see what is available. Buchanan District Library has purchased these items as well as receiving donations from the community in order to have this great resource.

Others from surrounding areas who attended the Coffee Chat asked if they could partake in the library’s activities. You can and if you don’t live in the district it’s $25/year to have a library card with them. Some other libraries are reciprocal in the area such as: Three Oaks, New Buffalo and other libraries as well and you can ask the library staff for the list. Buchanan District Library will be having a more of a digital presence as an app will be coming out to where you can see all that the library has in one place. The MEL CAT and a favorite author list will also be available.

How does the library get their books and do away with other ones? The library purchases about $40,000/year for books in many categories. For books that leave the shelves, they are run through usage reports, placed on the used book sale racks, and go to the better loan books (green box in their parking lot).

Have you been in their Local History room on the 2nd floor? You can look up the past history of Buchanan, newspaper articles on the website and on film still, and photos with Peter Lysy, the Historian. Schedule an appointment with Peter to do some exploring! Would you like to volunteer at the library? Some of the volunteer duties are: the shiny book covers, watering plants, programs, if you have a special skill you can teach it like quilting.

Right now, the library has a Spring Reading Program and you can be entered to win a $25 gift card from Wonderland Cinema! Check out their website for more information and on Children’s Programming like Pajama Storytime, Meet the Author, Book Clubs, and Adult Crafts/Knitting!

Thank you for supporting the Buchanan Area Senior Center!

For more information on programs/classes you can contact Program Coordinator, Diana Smuda at the BASC at 269-695-7119 or via email:

About Buchanan Area Senior Center: A community focal point on aging, where area older adults gather for services, programs and activities that reflect their experiences and skills, respond to their diverse needs and interests, enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their involvement with this senior community center and the larger community.  The Center is a nonprofit organization that serves older adults living in Buchanan City, Buchanan and Niles Townships west of the US31 Bypass, Bertrand Township, Galien Township east of Cleveland Ave.  Membership is free and most services are provided at no cost, but contributions are greatly appreciated. 

Buchanan Area Senior Center

Executive Director: Adam Burck
Program Coordinator: Diana Smuda

About Buchanan District Library: Our mission is to provide quality material, superior programming and exceptional services delivered with care and integrity to meet the needs of our diverse community.

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